UES has been delivering solutions to the transportation industry since 1904. 
We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with our customers to deliver bespoke solutions. Our products are customised for the maritime industry and our passion is to design the best solution possible to meet customer needs and exceed passenger expectations. Here are a couple of examples of how UES Marine took a fresh perspective to deliver unique solutions.

Staten Island Ferry

The Staten Island Ferry project of new ‘Ollis Class’ ferries for the City of New York was an honour for UES Seating to be involved with. The iconic Staten Island Ferries are considered critical maritime infrastructure, transporting millions of residents and tourists every year. The ferry’s seats are a centrepiece of the exterior and cabin aesthetics, as well as the passenger experience. We took the time to understand the Staten Island Ferry operations and the preferences of the ridership.

UES Marine’s custom designed solution captured the spirit of the original ‘Kennedy Class’ ferries, preferred by passengers, and delivered on the stringent comfort, engineering, safety, security and maintenance requirements of the operators.

The Challenge

The brief was comprehensive and clear about what the seating needed to achieve.

  • The old, but much loved, Kennedy Class ferries had reached end of life and were no longer compliant.
  • Seating needed to be compliant and still retain the essence of the original Kennedy Class design that featured large open cabins and vintage wooden seats. Over the years, Staten Island Ferry passengers consistently expressed a preference for this class of ferry in public fora, media, and surveys.
  • Critical maritime infrastructure with stringent comfort, engineering, safety, security and maintenance requirements.

The Solution

  • Passenger preferences were important and we worked closely with the vessel architects to incorporate as much of the ‘Kennedy Class’ as possible into the new ‘Ollis Class’
  • During research and development, a key moment was riding the original Kennedy Class Ferry and noting the large number of classic wooden benches – an important part of the character and history of the ferry
  • Developed a contemporary solution with a powder coat that mirrors the original wooden benches, providing a visual connection to the past for the interior areas
  • Exterior seating features aluminium slatted benches with powder coat coloured finish to match the vessel exterior
  • All seating adheres to U.S. Coast Guard regulations and American Bureau of Shipping class standards for fire-retardant materials for U.S. flag vessels
  • Delivered on stringent comfort, engineering, safety, security and maintenance requirements.
  • 30 year structural warranty

The Outcome

  •  UES Marine provided a solution that retained the historical design essence of these iconic ferries, was compliant with all new statutes and regulations, while also being commercially viable for a public entity spending taxpayer money
  • The seats are the centrepiece of the passenger cabin aesthetics and the design delivers excellence in comfort, appearance, construction and allows for easy cleaning and maintenance

I was extremely pleased that UES was the preferred seating vendor for the ‘Ollis Class’ ferries for the City of New York. They put a lot of time and effort into understanding the Staten Island Ferry operation and the preferences of the ridership. Their passion in designing the best product possible to meet the customer’s needs comes across loud and clear. I would highly recommend UES to anyone.

James C. DeSimone,
Retired Deputy Commissioner, Ferries NYC Department of Transportation

The only marine lie flat seat

UES Marine takes a fresh perspective when approaching new projects. Our best design originates from a customer request and the ongoing collaboration with the customer that leads to the best outcome. The LUXForm Voyager Luxury Passenger Seat and LUXForm Haven First Class Seating Pod were developed from a customer’s need for a complete lay flat seat for offshore transfers on a 10+ hour commute.

The Challenge

  • Develop a complete lay flat seat for 10+ hour offshore transfers
  • Only immediate option was an airline style seat that was cost prohibitive

The Solution

  • We created a cost effective solution by taking an existing modular UES Marine design and adapting it to the specific requirements of the customer
  • Both the he LUXForm Voyager and LUXForm Haven have electronic operations and achieve a complete horizontal sleeping position with maximum comfort at all recline angles
  • LUXForm Voyager features elastomeric suspension technology, premium sculpted foam that conforms to the human body, premium leather and vinyl upholstery options, bi-fold footrest, fold-out or armrest meal tray, USB, integrated power, under-seat life jackets and personal reading lights
  • LUXForm Haven features a privacy surround and is completely customisable – lightweight construction, wide range of finish options, personal reading light, ambient light options, tray table and drink holder options, power and accessibility, personal item storage

The Outcome

  • By listening and working with our customer UES Marine designed and delivered the only marine lie flat luxury seats
  • The LUXForm Voyager Luxury Passenger Seat and LUXForm Haven First Class Seating are premium seats designed for maximum comfort at all recline angles